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Direct debit

We know life can be a little busy even at the best of times, so we've tried to make paying as simple as possible. In fact once you've set up payment with us you will not need to do anything again. How's that for easy and hassle free! 


So how does it work? We collect payments via paperless Direct Debit using our payment provider GoCardless. Paying by Direct Debit saves time as it is quick and easy to set up and only needs to be done once.  

Payments made by Direct Debit are fully protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee, making it the UK's safest payment method.  

Just sign up for one of our courses and you will receive an email with a link to complete the booking, once you click the link you will be taken directly to GoCardless.  You will need your bank account number and bank sort code to hand in order to complete the request. It should take no more than 2 minutes to do!  

Once you have done that your part is done! When a payment becomes due,  we will take care of everything which means you can sit back and relax in the full knowledge that everything has been taken care of.   

Have A Question?  

No problem! We've put together some answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding payment below. So feel free to have a look and if you can't find what you are looking for you can always drop us an email: 

  • Can I leave my child unattended in the lessons?
    We ask you to please wait in the venue during the lesson.
  • Is there parking available at the venue?
    Yes all the venues have parking outside, to find out more information about parking at the chosen venue: 1. Select a location below: Abingdon Didcot Wantage Wallingford
  • Which type of classes should I join?
    Kids and Teenagers: 🎸 Band Buddies - For ages 4 - 6 is an introduction to music for young budding musicians, the aim is to have fun dn make friends whilst learning different instruments. 🎸 Kids/ Teen Guitar Clubs - These are open to all abilities. All of the music we work on has multiple skill layers. Beginners can play single note versions or basic chords whilst more advanced players can work on other techniques. The aim is to have everyone joining in with the same piece of music and enjoying playing together, regardless of their experience. Adults: 🎸 Adults Beginners - This course is designed to take you through the basic levels of playing guitar, from first notes, to chords and some simple riffs and songs. Great for anyone who has never picked up the instrument or wanted to get a good understanding of the basics. Once you feel ready you can set up into our Adults Guitar Club. 🎸 Adults Guitar Club - This is a fun club for anyone who has a basic understanding of the guitar. If you can can play a few songs and riffs and would like to work on playing with other musicians, progressing your skills or just having fun with like minded individuals. We will work on popular songs together, with the option of performing at one of our Jam Session events. Everyone: 🎸 121 Lessons - These sessions are completely bespoke to the student. We work at your pace on the music you want to learn to play. Suitable for all levels. If you have any other queries, please feel free to contact us via the Get In Touch page
  • How long do the classes run through the year?
    All of our courses follow the school year. Dates we run the course are available on the locations pages: Abingdon Didcot Wantage Wallingford
  • How can I pay?
    via Monthly Subscription, after you choose your course and book your space you will be sent an email with a mandate to fill in. Once you have filled in this form your booking is complete. You won't be charged until your course starts. If you want to cancel, we just ask you give us 30 days notice.
  • What sort of music can I expect to learn?
    We work on contemporary music, so 1950’s to modern day. We work on a variety of pop, rock, acoustic styles. Everything is designed to give you a good solid understanding of the basics, from then onwards you can use the skills learned in any style of music.
  • How long are the group classes?
    The group classes are 30 minutes long
  • If I bring my child, where can I sit and wait?
    All of the venues we use have available seating for parents to sit.
  • How much do group lessons cost?
    All of our group sessions are around £12 per lesson. We take the total amount of lessons remaining during the year and divide them into equal monthly payments.
  • How many students are in the group lessons?
    For group lessons the maximum number in a class is 7 people.
  • Do you offer 1 on 1 tuition?
    Yes, at Didcot, Abingdon and Wallingford. These sessions are £25 each and run for half an hour. You can learn guitar, bass or drums with one of our expert tutors. Our 121 sessions are completely bespoke to the student, we work on your choice of music at your pace. The perfect way to reach your potential!
  • Can I play the instrument left-handed?
    Yes, we have left handed instruments available at all of our venues.
  • Can I join anytime?
    Yes, you can join our classes anytime for one to one, for group lessons usually the first lessons of the month we bring in new students. Our lessons run for the whole school year Sept - July, Our tutors will bring you up to speed during your first couple of lessons.
  • Why is there not a class in my area?
    We’re a growing local business and always looking to expand our services. Please get in contact with us via the Register you Interest page.
  • How are One to One Lessons Charged?
    We charge on the 1st of the month for the number of lessons in that month for half an hour lessons:
  • If a class is cancelled will I get a refund/credit?
    In the event that a class is cancelled we will arrange a make-up class. If we are unable to arrange a make-up class, students will be offered a credit on their account for the cancelled class. 
  • What happens if I want to withdraw from Oxfordshire Music School?
    We’re sorry youre thinking about leaving us, please contact us if there is something we can help with. If you’d still like to leave us, we ask that you provide us with 30 days notice.  Please notify us by email or with a phone call and do not cancel your direct debit until we have collected your final payment.    We will continue to teach throughout the notice period unless you request otherwise.  Even if you opt to cease lessons before the end of the notice period we will still need to invoice you for any outstanding lessons.  The 30 days notice period enables us to fulfil our obligation to our teachers who are paid on a freelance basis.  If we are able to fill the space then we will waive the notice period. 
  • Can I cancel my Direct Debit with you?
    Yes. You can cancel your direct debit with us at any time by logging into your GoCardless account and cancelling your authorisation.  If this is done whilst you are still incurring fees we will not be able to collect payment and your account will fall into arrears.  We may have to suspend your lessons if your account falls into arrears. 
  • What happens after I set up my Go Cardless mandate?
    Once you have setup your GoCardless mandate you will be notified by email that you have pre-authorised GoCardless to collect payments from you on behalf of Oxfordshire Music School. 
  • What happens if there isn’t enough money in my account to pay my monthly Direct Debit?
    f there are insufficient funds to clear your Direct Debit then the GoCardless collection will fail.  You will receive a notification from GoCardless that this has happened as will we.  We will request the payment again, however if it fails once more then your account will be in arrears and you run the risk of having lessons suspended until your account is settled. 
  • Why do I pay the same amount each month even though there are a different number of lessons?
    When you pay via a Direct Debit we charge on a monthly basis, in instalments towards your total amount due for the school year.  When you sign your child/yourself up for lessons we calculate the total cost of the lessons that they will receive up until the end of the school year,  and divide that balance by the number of charging months to go.  We invoice from September to June for the average number of lessons per month. Group lessons are £12 each and there are typically between 38-40 lessons depending on venue throughout the school year. Some months will have 5 lessons and some will have 3. Everything evens itself out throughout the year.
  • What are the term-time lessons for the courses 2023/24?
    For lesson dates please see the locations pages for the venue you are doing lessons: Abingdon Didcot Wantage Wallingford
  • I've never heard of GoCardless before. Is it regulated?
    Yes. GoCardless is an Authorised Payment Institution regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. 
  • Where can I find more information on the Direct Debit Guarantee?
    You can find out more about the Direct Debit Guarantee here. 
  • What date will the payment be taken from my bank account?
    The 1st of the month our request for payment goes to GoCardless who will then collect the money from your account within 5 working days. At this time we do not have the facility to offer different payment dates. 
  • Is GoCardless secure?
    Yes. GoCardless uses military grade encryption to protect your data. All sensitive details are RSA encrypted and communicated over secure channels, so you can rest assured that your information is secure.  
  • Will you take payments out of my account without my authorisation?
    Absolutely not. The Direct Debit Guarantee protects customers against unauthorised payments. Customers can get a full and immediate refund from their bank for any payment they believe was taken in error on a 'no questions asked' basis. 
  • I have changed my bank account, can you still take my payment?
    If you change your bank account please notify us as soon as possible.  We will cancel your direct debit mandate and issue a new request for you to complete with the new account details.  Please do not give us your account details as we are unable to move the mandate ourselves. 
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